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What do these statistics mean for people with a Bank of America Gold Visa?

Statement balance


On average, cardholders owe $2085 on their credit cards — more than the $1360¹ owed by the average American cardholder! When a credit card is used to make a transaction, the cardholder agrees to pay their credit card company the amount of the purchase. If the cardholder doesn't pay the statement balance in full before the end of the grace period (between 20 and 50 days), they will be charged interest. The statement includes recent and past purchases, as well as any interest charges or fees for past purchases. Use Check to track and pay your Bank of America Gold Visa bill.

Credit limit


A credit limit is the maximum amount a credit card company will allow a cardholder to put on a specific card. Bank of America uses a variety of factors to choose a credit limit, ranging from credit score to income and assets.

A statement balance of $2085 with a $4829 credit limit is a 43% credit utilization!
Tip: Try to keep your credit utilization low to maximize your credit score

Annual Percentage Rate


Most U.S. credit cards give the nominal APR compounded monthly. At the end of the grace period, interest is charged on the unpaid part of the statement balance. Access your Check account and get an alert if your APR changes.

If only the $57 minimum payment on the $2085 average statement balance were paid, interest of $193 would be charged, for a new total payment due of $2221.

Interest Changes


APRs might not seem like much, but they add up quickly! The average late fee charged is $60. So far in 2012, each cardholder has paid an average of $483 in APR charges!

Sick of paying fees? Check will remind you when your bill is due, and let you know if Bank of America charged you any additional fees!

Annual Fee


Don't forget about fixed costs like annual fees! No matter how responsible a cardholder can be, it's easy to let annual fees slip past. Sometimes annual fees come with great perks and benefits — is the Bank of America Gold Visa worth its annual fee?

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