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We’d all love it if our money could just take care of itself – give it some sunshine and a little water once in a while, and watch it bloom. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case – you need to learn to be an effective money manager to make the most of your finances. Money management is a key to financial security. With just a little effort, you can have a better understanding of your financial situation, and maybe even make a little extra cash.

Why be a money manager?

People with a lot of debt don’t usually wake up one morning and magically discover it on a credit card state. Knowing what your spending looks like is an important part in being a good money manager. Instead of looking at your finances and wondering where you spent all your money, you should direct it. This doesn’t mean you need to give up the things you enjoy in life – after all, what’s the point of managing money if you never get to enjoy it? – just know where it’s going. In fact, if you’re a sensible money manager, you can have even more financial freedom, letting you enjoy more of the finer things of life while still avoiding debt.

Getting started

Take little steps and figure out how involved of a money manager you want to be. A great start is to get a handle of how much cash you have, and what debts you owe. Using an app like Pageonce can help you keep track of your balance – both cash in the bank and credit card debt. Pageonce can also help you stay on top of upcoming payments too, with the ability to view bill details and pay, all from your smartphone. Taking even this tiny first step will put you on the road to being a fantastic money manager. Today is as good a day as any to get started. What’re you waiting for? Sign up now, and start managing your money today!

You’re on a roll!

Great, you’ve already taken the first step to being a true money manager. Now that you know what’s going on with your money, you’ll start noticing easy ways to save – are you losing money on interest? Is pay day right after your bills are due? Talk to your billers – many are willing to change the date your payment is due, saving you late fees and interest charges that can quickly rack up. Pageonce will help show you what fees and interest you’re paying so you can know what areas will be easiest to cut back without losing out!

Be reasonable in your financial expectations: don’t expect to go debt-free, cash-flow positive overnight (okay, maybe if you win the can dream – after all, dreams are free!), and you might need to make some cutbacks if you consistently spend more than you take home, but a balanced budget is attainable!

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