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Check gives you a clear understanding of your financial status by keeping all your financial activity in one place. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to control your finances and gain financial peace of mind all at the same time. Check is safe and secure and was chosen by over 6 million people to simplify their financial lives.
Check lets you take control of your Chase Bank account
  • Track all your money and bills in one place
  • Receive bill due date reminders and important account notifications
  • Protect your account with real-time alerts
  • Monitor credit card & bank transactions
  • View detailed bill & account statements
  • Track your investment portfolio
  • Safe and secure - trusted by over 6 million people
  • Enjoy well deserved financial peace of mind
With Check, you can receive the following alerts and notifications for your Chase Bank account:
Large Deposit Notification
Check Alert: over $100 deposited in your account

Tip #1 - It's a good idea to review your bank statement on a regular basis. That way, you can find irregular mistakes when they happen and address them immediately.

Tip #2 - Reviewing your bank statement on a regular basis helps you know exactly what's going on with your account. This is especially useful in avoiding unecessary minimum balance limit fees.

Tip #3 - When choosing a bank, it's a good idea to shop around and find a bank that offers you the lowest transaction fees.

Bank Account Out of Overdraft
Check Alert: overdraft status change

Tip #1 - There's a chance your bank account is enrolled in an overdraft protection program even if you haven't asked for it. Check with your bank to know where you stand.

Tip #2 - A significant amount of overdraft fees occur at Point-of-Sale terminals. Why? POS terminals at the typical retail store won't inform you that you're about to trigger an overdraft fee.

Large Credit Card Transaction
Check Alert: credit card transaction over $250

Tip #1 - Cash or credit? People usually spend 20% more when they use credit cards. If you're trying to save money, pay cash.

Tip #2 - Leaving behind discarded bank documents could make you an easy target for identity thieves and con artists. Any forms that show your personal info should be shredded or torn up to little pieces.

Credit Card Limit Reached
Check Alert: your credit card limit has been exceeded

Tip #1 - Spending your total credit limit can really hurt your credit score. To avoid that, ask your credit card provider to raise your credit limit but keep your spending the same.

Tip #2 - If you have good credit history you can call up your credit card company directly and request a credit limit increase.

Approaching Limit on Credit Card
Check Alert: you are nearing your credit card limit

Tip #1 - A great way to save money: install a programmable thermostat that limits energy usage. If installed correctly, you can save up to 20% on your electricity bills.

Payment on Credit Card
Check Notice: credit applied to your card

Tip #1 - Many public places offer wireless online access, but think twice before conducting credit card or banking transactions: public wireless services aren't always secure enough.